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Sun. Mar 22nd 2020
In response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak currently occurring, we wanted to take a moment to ensure our citizens that we are taking additional precautions to ensure that we can continue...
Thu. Dec 26th 2019
Wapello Fire and Rescue celebrated two service milestones and recognized two of our members for their outstanding achievements during our annual Christmas dinner and training Monday evening. Every yea...
Sun. Sep 9th 2018
In June 2018, an onsite audit of Wapello Fire Department was conducted by Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) of Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. ISO is a company that collects and evaluates information from...
Wed. Mar 1st 2017
Wapello Fire and Rescue recognized two of our members for their outstanding service. Every year the Fire Chief, First Assistant and Second Assistant choose two members that have made significant contr...
Thu. Jul 7th 2016
Wapello Fire and Rescue and Wapello Community Ambulance have been awarded a Department of Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighters Grant for the purchase of new cardiac monitor/defibrillators for ...

 Wapello Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1897. Our department serves the City of Wapello as well as the surrounding townships. We are an all-volunteer department. Preserving life and property is our goal. We use tax monies from the Township Trustees and the City of Wapello to budget for fire protection. The technical rescue and emergency medical services of the department were introduced in 1951 and are almost entirely funded through grants, donations and fundraisers. 

       Wapello Fire & Rescue presently offers a wide variety of services to the community.  In addition to fires and motor vehicle collisions, Wapello Fire & Rescue responds to other incidents such as HAZMAT, carbon monoxide alarms, medical emergencies, search & rescue, confined space, trench rescue, grain bin rescue, water rescue & recovery, ice rescue, low angle rope rescue, public assistance and mutual aid to all fire departments in and around Louisa County. We respond to approximately 350 calls a year.
      Wapello Fire & Rescue has never turned down a call for duty and has responded in mutual aid with Illinois Counties bordering the Mississippi River and as far as 60 miles north 30 miles west and 40 miles south in Iowa to render mutual aid.   
      Wapello Fire & Rescue's volunteers have training and certifications such as: Firefighter 1, Firefighter 2, Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic, Extrication Technician, Extrication Specialist, HAZMAT Operations, Rescue Diver, Pump Operator,  Firefighter Instructor, and some are Field Teaching Staff for Iowa Fire Service Training Bureau.  All volunteers sacrifice valuable time to attend these educational classes and other training seminars to continue to keep the community safe.
Wapello Fire & Rescue's Slogan: "Crew 1st, Mission Always!"
Wapello Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department
Mission Statement
Be it known that it is the absolute intention of Wapello Volunteer Fire & Rescue, to protect life and/or property while serving the citizens and organizations of the Wapello Fire District. Through conservation of property, safety of lives, annual training, and education to the community, this will hold true. Wapello Volunteer Fire & Rescue will respond in a prompt and safe manner whenever called to assist the community, this will be done with the utmost regard for the safety of its members. The members of Wapello Volunteer Fire & Rescue understand the expected courage and dedication to the community.

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