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Wed. Mar 1st 2017
Wapello Fire and Rescue recognized two of our members for their outstanding service. Every year the Fire Chief, First Assistant and Second Assistant choose two members that have made significant contr...
Wapello EMS Providers Receive Grant Award
Thu. Jul 7th 2016

Wapello Fire and Rescue and Wapello Community Ambulance have been awarded a Department of Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighters Grant for the purchase of new cardiac monitor/defibrillators for each agency. The agencies filed a joint regional grant application this January during the fiscal year 2015 grant application period.

The total grant amount is $65,150 with a federal share of $62,048 and a local match of $3,102. The grant will fund the purchase of two Physio Control Lifepak 15 cardiac monitor/defibrillators to replace two aging Lifepak 12 units that are becoming obsolete. Production of Lifepack 12 units was discontinued in 2010 and replacement parts are no longer manufactured. The new machines will offer all of the features of the existing equipment as well as several additional capabilities not currently available. These new features will allow the agencies to provide more definitive assessments and subsequent care. Both agencies provide emergency medical service to Wapello and the surrounding area. In addition to the Wapello Fire District, Wapello Ambulance also provides emergency medical services to the Oakville area, rural areas South of Grandview and advanced life support intercept services to Morning Sun Ambulance upon request.

When a patient in the Wapello Fire District has a medical emergency and dials 911, typically Wapello Rescue and Wapello Ambulance are dispatched to the scene and work together to stabilize the patient for transport. Crews often perform lifesaving interventions on scene before loading the patient for transport. In the case of a cardiac emergency, the new equipment will allow for the wireless transmission of the patient’s 12-lead ECG to the appropriate hospital for activation of the cardiac catheterization team as needed. A study conducted by the American Heart Association concluded that with the use of a 12 lead ECG in the field, a patient’s chances of surviving a coronary or respiratory emergency were increased by 52%. This equipment is especially necessary with Louisa County having no hospital. During a heart attack it is important for the patient to be transported to a hospital that offers percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). In our area, the only hospitals with that capability are in West Burlington, Iowa City and Davenport. With this equipment, emergency medical technicians will be able to more easily recognize those heart attacks that require transport to a PCI capable hospital. The new equipment also allows for end tidal carbon dioxide monitoring for more definitive diagnosis of respiratory emergencies and monitoring of carbon monoxide levels. Those features are not offered by the existing machines. Additional advanced functions such as synchronized cardioversion and transcutaneous pacing are other features of the machines. The two agencies estimate that the equipment would have been used on approximately 92% of the combined 826 calls the departments responded to in 2015. A cost-benefit analysis indicated that over the estimated fifteen year life of these machines the cost per patient would be $5.43. Additionally, the machines will be used to assess the condition of firefighters at during fire responses. Nationally, over 40 percent of on the job firefighter fatalities are due to cardiac arrest.

                The agencies have entered into an agreement to equally split the local match and both intend to fund their respective portions utilizing donations earmarked towards the project. Without this grant opportunity, these critical equipment purchases wouldn’t be possible. Both of the agencies have financial limitations that prevent them from funding a project of this magnitude. Wapello Fire and Rescue almost exclusively funds their emergency medical and technical rescue services through fundraising events, grants, and donations.

                Wapello Fire and Rescue plans to commission the new machine when it arrives and will remove an existing obsolete cardiac monitor/defibrillator from service. The department will continue to pursue grant opportunities and fundraising efforts to replace a second aging unit that is currently in service.



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